Welcome to Elements at ColdStream, where nature and nurture seamlessly connect to offer a lifestyle rich in beauty, comfort and outdoor living. It also happens to be the place where Working From Home (WFH) doesn’t get any better. Our homes are thoughtfully designed with technology and livability in mind so you can thrive in your element. Life here is a walk in the park, a swim in the lake, a hike in the mountains, a ski in the afternoon, kind of life. Which fits in perfectly with the community’s namesake – born from all the natural elements making up this region in Truckee (earth, water and air) as well as the elements we embrace in our lives (family, community, work and home). All of these play an integral role in your journey to find a place where you can live your best life. And where your comfort, your needs and your wants, all coexist in one ideal location.


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