Winter, spring, summer and fall, there’s so much to do in Truckee. Take advantage of snow days by hitting nearby slopes, going backcountry skiing or sledding. Hike, bike or run among thousands of acres of trails with various levels of elevation and scenery. Enjoy nearby lakes for boating, fishing, kayaking and paddle-boarding. Hit up downtown for quaint boutique shopping or to explore the foodie scene. There really is no shortage of adventures and good times for kids of all ages. And if you’re looking to hear from some of the locals, you’ve come to the right place. In the stories below you’ll get a personal account of why the Truckee area is so close to their heart.

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Unforgettable Family Fun: Create Lifelong Memories in Truckee’s Enchanting Wilderness!

The California mountains evoke a sense of childlike wonder even in adults. So imagine the thrill of actually seeing them through a child’s eyes!  During the summer months, the town comes alive with unforgettable summer activities/camps for kids.   Lifelong memories and new skills are the rewards awaiting them. Here are some of the fun activities you […]

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The Stories Behind These Historic Tahoe Ski Photos

Every powderhound on the planet knows skiing has roots planted deeply around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe. It may not be where the sport was invented altogether, where the first snowboarding was made, or home to the site first ever chairlift or resort, but most monumental moments within skiing gained momentum and popularity around its mountains.

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A Block of Hope

As a father of three and a busy professional, Clint’s calendar appeared as it typically does; mornings dedicated to his family, the day stacked with back-to-back appointments in different locations, and a soccer game in the evening. But somewhere before that last commitment of the day sat a slim, magical, empty block of time. Ninety minutes of freedom. The Block of Hope.

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Dashing Through The Snow

Dennis Troy was born and raised in Tacoma Washington with a strong passion for water and snow sports. After primary and secondary school, Dennis pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning at Eastern Washington University, and soon after graduation, he moved to Truckee for its abundance of snow and outdoor activities, beginning his professional land use planning career.

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