Check out these creek front views!

Get lost in the captivating embrace of nature’s canvas, Coldstream’s creekfront  B-lots offer breathtaking vistas that steal your heart. Welcome to a world where beauty unfolds at every turn.
Immerse yourself in serenity and let your soul be swept away by the enchanting allure. A symphony of colors and tranquility awaits, ready to captivate your senses.
We invite you to visit us soon to witness these vistas in person.

Unleash a Lifetime of Memories in Your Dream Mountain Home at Coldstream

Whether you’re looking for a second home or a permanent residence, owning a home in the mountains can provide a lifetime of memories and joy. But how do you know which one is the perfect fit for you?Is it the stand-alone A-frame built in the 70s, the modern mountain mansion on the golf course, the resort condo with pools and valet, or the turnkey townhome on the legacy trail? If you’re looking for a hassle-free living experience and a space that truly feels like your own, new construction at Cold Stream may be just what you need:
  • Customization: Buying a new home means you get to design a space that fits your style and preferences. You can choose finishes from the cabinetry to the flooring, making it a space that truly feels like yours.
  • Modern plans: With efficient and functional floor plans offering plenty of natural light, our townhomes feel bright and welcoming. These homes are thoughtfully designed for life in the mountains putting the right amount of space in the right areas.
  • Low maintenance: New homes are built to require less maintenance, meaning less stress and fewer unexpected expenses.
  • Energy-efficient: New construction homes are built with the latest advances in energy-efficient technologies, resulting in lower monthly utility bills.
  • Home warranties: Buying a home in a new development means you get a builder’s warranty, giving you one less thing to worry about during the home-buying process.
  • Turnkey: This is an excellent option for buyers who want a hassle-free, move-in-ready property. A second home shouldn’t mean you have a second job. With everything updated and working, you can move right in and make your house a home.
  At Elements at Coldstream, we understand the importance of finding a home that is a perfect fit for you. That’s why we’ve designed this community to be a place that can be fun for everyone, provide turnkey convenience, and provide long-term value by offering beautiful townhomes in one of our nation’s most desirable destinations.
If you’re looking to enjoy a summer in the mountains, we currently have 6 “quick move-in” homes available and are welcoming guests to tour them daily.

The Realities of Insurance in the Mountains

It’s Official: California Sierra Snowpack Ties All-Time Record!
Photo Credit: The OCregister.com
Having a home in the mountains provides a lifetime of memories and joy, but if not carefully selected, Mother Nature can make the experience very expensive and time-consuming. Where others have:
  1. Fought endless piles of snow
  2. Navigated canceled hazard insurance or rate hikes in excess of 300%
The Cold Stream HOA continues to:
  1. Manage snow removal
  2. Attend to exterior maintenance
  3. Renew its hazard insurance at rates similar to previous years at a substantially lower rate compared to others
Life in the mountains is incredibly rewarding, and that shouldn’t be overshadowed by challenges.  At Cold Stream, we’ve worked diligently to provide Turnkey Convenience at a sustainable cost when compared to the rest of the market. As Spring continues to emerge from the storm clouds, the views will be awe-inspiring, and we’d love to have you up for a visit.

Unforgettable Family Fun: Create Lifelong Memories in Truckee’s Enchanting Wilderness!

The California mountains evoke a sense of childlike wonder even in adults. So imagine the thrill of actually seeing them through a child’s eyes!  During the summer months, the town comes alive with unforgettable summer activities/camps for kids.


Lifelong memories and new skills are the rewards awaiting them. Here are some of the fun activities you and your family can experience in Truckee according to AllTrails:

●      Explore the gorgeous mountain landscape through biking trails (Best Biking Trails)
●      Learn the mountain’s secrets on nature walks and hikes (2023 Best Hikes from AllTrails)
●      Go horse-riding and master equestrian skills (Best Trails for Horseback Riding)
●      Action sports like BMX, skateboarding, and parkour (Truckee Bike Park)
●      Gain survival skills like carving, fishing, and tracking (Truckee Fishing Trails)

You can also check out a few of the summer camp options at the Visit Truckee Tahoe website.

While the kids play, the adults can also enjoy themselves exploring Truckee’s wondrous landscape or historic town. Enjoy rock climbing, trail running, or simply relaxing under the shade of our towering pines. Feel a closeness to nature that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

With the sun shining down, there’s something for everyone here. Bring your kids up to Coldstream, where we celebrate the best elements of mountain living all summer long.


See you in the sunshine!

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